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2009-09-07 20:45:18 by AbbleShash

ep 6 of stupid people is coming out soon...very soon...

j-dogg is back!!!

2009-08-19 20:47:13 by AbbleShash

he is back!!! hooray!!!!!

j-dogg is back!!!

2009-08-19 20:36:21 by AbbleShash

he is back!!! hooray!!!!!

now i'm confused

2009-08-16 18:13:34 by AbbleShash

i don't know if j-dogg is back. i;m confused. if you would, j-dogg, please leave a comment telling me whether or not u are.

well...j-dogg is gone.

2009-08-06 14:30:08 by AbbleShash

Who wants cake?

(Meniacal Laugh)

2009-08-04 20:39:35 by AbbleShash

We now are making Stupid People Videos!!! Stupid People is Ours!!!!!!


2009-08-01 23:21:58 by AbbleShash

this is zookyman2 here i am a long time ng user and have started a new group called abble shash. also in this group is kiafp and j-dogg. i hope you injoy our videos